Introducing The

Points of You Academy

Points of You® Academy is an experience of learning. Ease into the exciting concept of Points of You®. Understand the depth of our tools and methodology. Climb up the ladder of knowledge step by step.


Points of You® Academy has 3 Levels of Knowledge. Each level features an exciting live workshop with unique atmosphere and creative content. Once you complete a level – you get a certification title and move up to the next one.

Points of You® Academy turns knowledge into profit.


As you climb up the levels of Points of You® Academy, new business opportunities become available.


Each Certification title you receive, allows you to facilitate the levels below.


Once you join the official Points of You® facilitation team in your region, you will be backed with a Points of You® Country Leader and receive ongoing marketing and business support, tailor-made for your needs.

Embark upon a journey

Expand your observation and knowledge while participating in an ongoing personal and professional journey.

Expand your business 

Make the most of the Points of You Academy facilitation options, teach,learn, make a profit.

Join our amazing tribe

Become a member of our global professional community, form long lasting connections with beautiful people around the globe, share knowledge, be inspired.

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