This is our DNA. Everything we do starts here...


4 years took us until we were able to put our values into words.


It finally started with the understanding that the process of defining our values is not a process of creating a list of new woeds and values that we hold, but, a process of revealing who we really are and exposing hidden parts inside of each one of us. We understood that the values of Points of You® are actually a combination of the values of us.


From this understanding we began a journey into our own personal worlds of inspiration. The situations, people, successes, failures, all kind of experiences in our lives who were a part of who we would become. We each went to our own storage room, where we literally store our memories through life. We were looking for the objects we collected and that somehow tell our story.  A letter, a photo, pair of jeans, perfume, certificate and more.


We sat down and shared with one another our life stories. It was an unforgettable evening with lots of tears, laughs and insights.


Slowly, slowly it became clear to us what connects us to one another. Ultimately, this is what is Points of You®.


Below are the 5 Points of You® Values:






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