Points of You® is a language, a way of life.


Music, phototherapy, mindfulness and story-telling are just some of the engaging waysthat will give you a deep understanding of the Points of You® method.


Enjoy 5 days in inspiring locations, withdelicious healthy food and unique, beautiful people from around the world.

What Will I Learn?

Points of You® way of Life

Learn from our leading facilitators about our story, vision, values and philosophy that are the building blocks of our way of life.



Feel the comfort and the renewing experience of your soul being stretched.


Look around you and find inspiration awaits in nature, friends and love.


Sense of Belonging

Surround yourself with a pulsing energy of togetherness. Deepen the quality of authenticity while experiencing the ultimate feeling of belonging to a group.



Learn how to create unique Points of You® activities for your line of work using a fresh and unique methodology.

Level 3 training includes:


Live Workshop

Turning Point Program

5 days, all inclusive


2 Online Courses

Back to reality

5 sessions of 2 hours


How to facilitate

Creative Practice Workshop

2 sessions of 2 hours

+ L.2 Facilitator’s E-booklet


Points of You® Tools

The Coaching Game




L.3 Turning Point Pack

Workshop Booklet

L.3 Exclusive set of cards
Goodie bag
Canvas bag

Certification Benefits


L.3 Certificate of Attendance


Certification of Completion Title
Points of You® Expert


✔ Accreditation
47.45 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)


✔ 40 Professional Development Credits (PDCs)
from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Points of You® Upcoming Trainings

L.3 Turning Point Program

2021  Points of You® China

L.3 Turning Point Program


Points of You® China 2021 turning point program will be held at 4.21 - 4.25 and 6.9 -6.13 , and a wonderful five-day study tour will be held in Shanghai.


You can stroll in the rose garden, enjoy a romantic dinner under the starry sky, or swim in the constant temperature swimming pool surrounded by tea garden. You can relax in this pleasant environment. We will make an unforgettable experience for you.




Expand Your Toolbox

Widen your knowlege with Points of You way of life. (Philosophy and vision)

A business opportunity

Find a financial freedom to engage in a world wide innovative method. Deliver 2 different kinds of official Points of You workshops.

Join Our Tribe

Become a member of a worldwide inspiring community of professionals who shares our vision to open uphearts and minds all over the world.

Join The Points of You Academy

Climb up the ladder of knowledge

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