Point of You (Hong Kong) provides ICF certification courses

Point of You (Hong Kong) provides ICF certification courses. Academy courses includes 3 levels of knowledges. Each level features unique atomosphere and creative contents.

ICF certification, qualifications, and the reasons why you should get it in the first place

ICF stands for international coaching federation. This global organization is dedicated to assisting in the coaching profession. This is achieved by implementing the best standards and offering certification independently. This, in turn, helps build a network of coaching professionals that are well trained. The main vision of this federation is to ensure that coaching becomes a vital part of society. The members of this federation are believed to offer the best quality in the coaching profession.

ICF certification

When you decide to pursue any training program, it is crucial to pick someone with high standards. The certification you seek out should be widely recognized and should use a methodology that is approved. ICF certification has worldwide recognition, and that is what makes it such a perfect choice.

You need to pick an institution that can give robust coverage to get the best ICF Hong Kong training. The certification is available in different institutions in Hong Kong, but it is also available globally. Different coaching contexts should be covered during such training. The areas covered in this kind of certification include career coaching, life coaching, performance coaching, and executive coaching.

Why you should get ICF certification

Getting ICF HK is a good idea for many reasons. Some people may be deciding whether to become coaches, while others may already be on their way to finishing their coaching training. If you are such a person, there are many things you could be thinking about, and one of them is whether there is a need to get ICF certification so that you can be recognized in the world as a coach professionally speaking.

Point of you provides the best ICF HK and follows the guidelines set by the body to produce the best coaches in the region.

In most cases, applicants begin with other credentials like ACC. This is because you need to accumulate specific coaching hours to do the MCC and PCC levels. Most people who have ever had a coaching relationship can tell you that coaches need to have credentials. For this reason, it helps to get the required training and certification. The training you get should meet the practical and educational requirements of ICF Hong Kong. You need to pick a curriculum that is well designed to offer support all through the certification process.

Point of you follows the best learning methodologies to ensure the students are flexible. They also encourage peer engagement in case you choose to study online during ICF training HK. It is essential to choose an institution that is user-friendly in online learning, fully interactive, and one with a gamified approach for a better outcome. On-site training and online training should offer the best content and practical exercises.

With training, you can engage and listen to clients to get the desired results. This enables the trainees to be passionate about such a career.

Many training bodies are well established in the world, but ICF outshines them all. This is why you chose ICK to offer training in Hong Kong. While others appear to be official, they are either too small or biased because they are not independent and run by coaches behind the scenes.

Anyone with the great desire to be a life coach should get ICF Hong Kong certification. The programs are the best. Anyone with these credentials becomes a part of a self-regulating community and one that has elite coaches that enable accountability to the clients and the whole industry.

When you are certified, the clients are confident, knowing that you can help them get the desired results. You become recognized worldwide as a qualified coach, meaning that you can call on Skype or travel anywhere in the world to offer services.

ICF HK is an accreditation that is recognized globally and when you get the certification. You are driven to have the necessary ability, knowledge, and dedication to the profession. You are also recognized as an ethical person.

When you are recognized as a professional, it means you can access more clients. You will have reached an effectiveness level that allows you to access any goals you have set in the best way possible. Since some accreditations may appear official, but they are just websites run by individual companies, you should take time to follow up and find out more about the certification. There are times you could Google such a course and realize that only one name of a company appears. This should be taken as a warning sign. Experts who follow the set standards should provide ICK HK.

ICF certification standards

There are three levels of accreditation in coaching, and that are based on coaching proficiency. These are:

  • • The associate certified coach
  • • The professional certified coach
  • • The master certified coach

Each level comes with a higher standard. ICF Hong Kong's coaching credentials are based on very important guides of coaching training that are quite competent. These are:
1. Live instruction
2. Live practice
3. And live feedback

The methods listed above determine how many hours are required to be certified in the different ICF standards. For coaches that are newly trained, you need to have associate certified coach credentials (ACC).

Requirements and steps to become a certified coach

  • • Completing a coaching course certified by ICF

One of the best ways to earn such credentials is by getting into training programs accredited by ICF. In this case, your training is done by the best coaches the world has to offer following approved methods by the examining body.

  • • Complete the experience hours as required

You will need at least one hundred hours, with 75 hours being paid in experience. You should have eight clients at least when you start training to get the ACC credential. Twenty-five hours of the required one hundred should be in 18 months before the application.

The hours required for experience should be you, the applicant, to practice the coaching skills, not the other way round. It is important to fill the coaching log demonstration to show that you have reached the required hours. You have to write the details of your clients and coaching hours dedicated to each.

A coach needs to deliver results that are impactful for the clients and then be able to offer them support so that they experience change that is sustainable and deep in the end. Training allows you to learn the best way to use the profound and simple conversational framework. You are trained in choices, conversation, clarity, and awareness. This makes it possible for the people around you to expand their thinking capacity and reflect even deeper.

ICF Hong Kong enables you to get into global learning experiences. You can then grow a coaching network so that you can expand even further and access the world. By being part of ICF, you can connect with leaders and coaches on a global scale. This means you develop a global coaching network, allowing network collaboration.

Welcome to the world of Points of You®


In this exciting, one day workshop you will get a taste of the Points of You® methodology and tools, experience a unique form of communication and dialogue and add new skills to your professional know how.


Completing the Hello Points Workshop makes you a Points of You® Explorer.

What Will I Learn?

Points of You® concept

The world of Points of You® and the way it works.

Points of You® cards

Learn how to use an exclusive technique of photo observation to gain new points of view.

Zooming In with The Coaching Game

Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights.

Experience fun and easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep.

MyStory with Punctum

Re-frame an empowering life story with the brilliance of Punctum.

Layout Charts

Map your thoughts and feelings with a tailor-made,one-on-one, coaching tool for self-exploration.

Level 1 training includes:


Training Live Workshop

Hello Points

6 hours

Points of You Tools

The Coaching Game


L.1 Concept Pack

Workshop Booklet

L.1 Exclusive set of cards

Goody Bag

Canvas bag

Certification Benefits


✔  L.1 Certificate of Attendance


✔  Certification of Completion Title :

     Points of You® Explorer


✔  Accreditation

     6 CCEUs from ICF for ICF Certification

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Widen your knowledge with Points of You way of life. (Philosophy and vision)



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Discover the language of today’s world – the powerful language of Photos.



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