All of our tools are environment friendly and are created to inspire and to open up hearts and minds.


We come from love.We create from love, work from love, live from love.


And our dream, the reason for everything we do here at Points of You®, is to open hearts.


We believe in open hearts as the basis for everything else: relationships, dreams, world peace… and the more people open their hearts,the better we are, all of us.


We know that if we do everything, even the smallest thing, with love – we make the world a better place. Right?!


The journey to a heart wide open begins when we are ready to accept all our emotions, from anger to pain to great pleasure and joy.


To experience this emo-diversity, life itself, we created tools, workshops and a way of life that allows us to experience ourselves exactly the way we are with unconditional love and self- acceptance.


We welcome everybody to experience our tools and workshops and open our hearts ♥

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