Facilitation Boost + Inspiration Vibes

Get the full experience professionally and personally.

Boost Boxes offer a unique collection

Enjoy our creative and effective goodies for your facilitation, daily routines or even as a present to your loved ones.


Unlimited options

Boost your journey in the magical, colorful world of Points of You®.

Make it your own and spread good in the world.



Facilitation Boost + Inspiration Vibes

What’s inside

 18 A5 cards - Selected from Flow, Faces and The Coaching Game


✔  12 A5 Reusable Flashcards


   A Weekly Planner - 72 pages plus postcards and stickers


✔   Facilitator's List Pad - 90 pages


✔   Facilitation boost Canvas Bag


✔   A Journal - 54 pages plus postcards and stickers


✔   Postcards booklet - 12 postcards


✔   A desktop Flipper


✔   Inspiration Vibes Canvas Bag



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